School Council  

The School Council is an integral and unique body, which gives pupils the opportunity to voice opinions and make suggestions. They are also responsible for managing the School Fund (see School Council Fund).

Pupils are given a chance to express their views directly to their Year Representatives or Form Representatives at forums, which are held regularly. Form and Year Representatives are democratically elected at the beginning of each school year. These students then sit on the School Council, which meets once a month. The Heads of Council are directly elected by the student body and are completely responsible for this system, ensuring that it is student controlled.

School Council Fund  

The school fund was set up to help provide extra resources to benefit pupils' education which could not otherwise be met from the finances provided by the Government funding.

The main source of income is by a voluntary termly subscription from parents. Most families feel able to contribute and we are all most grateful for their support. The fund is managed by the students elected to the school council, who discuss and make decisions to allocate the funds in order to benefit as many as possible and ensure they are not used for the day to day expenses that the school should meet. Parents will be kept informed through newsletters or letters, about the way in which the school fund monies are used.

School Rules  

A condition of their acceptance of a place for their child at William Farr is that parents accept the school rules and regulations as set out throughout the brochure and amended from time to time. These are not exhaustive but have been carefully considered to provide a reasonable framework to ensure that good order, discipline and responsibility towards others is maintained at all times.

Parents who require clarification of the school's rules and regulations should contact the Headteacher before confirming their acceptance of a place at the school.

Parents of pupils already at the school are most welcome to contact the Headteacher for clarification of any school rules.


We are very proud of the honesty of our pupils and that incidents of theft are almost non-existent. However, parents are asked to ensure that all pupils' possessions and items of clothing are marked with their name. It is the school’s view that there are very few occasions when large amounts of money need to be brought to school by pupils. They need only what is sufficient for their daily requirements. Watches and valuables may be left with staff during PE lessons. Bicycles must be locked whilst left on school premises.

Pupils must inform staff at the earliest opportunity if they suspect any loss or theft. Parents may be reassured that the school will make every effort to recover items.


In some subjects pupils are put into sets according to criteria. When this is the case, rigorous procedures are in place to ensure that there are opportunities throughout each year for pupils to change sets.


The school has two shops, the Stationery Shop and the Uniform Shop.

The Uniform Shop is able to supply a full range of school uniform including blazers, skirts, trousers, shirts and blouses. The Uniform Shop exclusively stocks badges, ties, polo and sweatshirts in all house colours. The Uniform Shop is open 8.30 am to 9.15 am Monday to Friday. The school will write to Year 6 parents in May of each year with orders to be completed for uniform requirements for the September start. In addition the Uniform Shop is open during the Summer Holidays on specific days and Year 6 parents will be advised of these dates.


William Farr is non-smoking institution. No pupil is permitted to smoke or have materials for smoking in his/her possession on the school premises. If found, such materials will be confiscated and parents informed. Smoking in public when pupils are dressed in school uniform, and any smoking while a pupil is still at school, is forbidden. It must be emphasised that school rules apply to pupils when travelling to and from school and on school activities. The school reserves the right to exclude pupils who persist in ignoring this rule.

Social Services  

The Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) visits the school regularly to discuss matters of mutual concern about pupils. An important aspect of the work of the EWO is to ensure pupils attend school regularly and that absences are for valid reasons.

Through the EWO, or directly, the school may contact Social Services with whom we have excellent relationships. All schools are required by the Children Act (1989) to appoint a designated teacher to liaise with Social Services over matters of child protection and abuse. The designated teacher at William Farr is the Assistant Headteacher (Care and Guidance), Mrs H Bates.


The school has an excellent reputation for sporting achievement and believes whole-heartedly in the principles of competition and the feeling of pride and community that comes from membership of teams. There are many sporting activities available when pupils can train for school representative teams in major games, and for governing body awards in other activities.

Colours and half colours are awarded for outstanding performance and commitment.


It is important that pupils bring suncream to school on sunny days and protect themselves during times when they are outside.


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