Parents and the School  

We welcome the support and interest of parents in all facets of school life, believing that a close link between school and home is crucial in ensuring the success and happiness of the children involved.

We hope that parents and guardians will not hesitate to consult us on any matters, which concern the education, career or general welfare of their children. Interviews can be arranged at any mutually convenient time with any member of staff.

For each year group an evening is arranged once during the school year when the staff are available for consultation about the progress of individual pupils.

Parent/Staff Association (The Friends of William Farr School) 

Photographs, Video and the use of Media relating Pupils  

To celebrate the achievements of our pupils and students we obviously wish to display photographs and information about the wide range of activities with which they are involved. This is not only in recognition of their personal success but also to generate enthusiasm and motivation of others. These displays may be internal on notice boards, as part of an article in Farrago, the school newsletter, the school brochure, or externally in the local and national media and on our website either by our own submission of information or more often by the way of photographs and interviews.

Parents may be reassured that whenever we are requested by the press and other media for information about our pupils activities, including photographs and interviews any decision to go ahead made by a senior member of staff and if agreed, are always carried out with a member of staff present. Great care is always taken to ensure that individual’s name and details are only displayed where appropriate.

Unless parents inform us otherwise, given the above safeguards, we believe that is reasonable for us to assume that they will have no objection to this limited use of images and information.

The training of staff and the monitoring and evaluation of staff teaching and pupil learning has always been of importance in the drive to develop expertise and improve the overall quality of the education we provide. Technological advances have now provided greater opportunities by the way of the observation of lessons in a non-intrusive way through the use of video camera/recording/playback facilities and with the necessary agreements and protocols in place, we wish to take advantage of this new equipment and the opportunities it provides. It is our experience with previous pilot projects that pupils and students are only too willing to be involved.

Unless parents inform us otherwise, given the above safeguards, we believe that is reasonable for us to assume that they will have no objection to this limited use of images and information. However, should parents have any concerns they are welcome to discuss these with a senior member of staff, and if they decide, to withdraw their children from this activity.


The school enjoys a good and very positive relationship with the Lincolnshire Police. The Community Beat Officer comes into school to talk to staff and pupils. It is hoped that this close liaison will encourage pupils to have an insight into police work.


All pupils in Year 11 are offered a chance to perform duties which entail taking responsibility. These range from general duties within the school to helping children with learning difficulties.

Each prefect will have the opportunity to purchase a tie which will indicate they hold a post of responsibility.

All must write a letter of application, stating why they should be considered for Prefect duty and, where relevant, the areas in which they feel they would be of greatest use.

Primary/Secondary Liaison  

We are committed to improving curriculum continuity and progression and release staff for primary school visits, observations and discussions as well as extending the invitation for primary school teachers to visit us.

Personal Progress File  

All pupils will have completed a Progress File at the end of Year 11. This is a substantial cumulative document which aims to give a broad and detailed picture of the pupil and is designed to be of assistance to prospective employers or educational establishments at interviews. More importantly, it gives to the pupil who possesses it a balanced and positive self-portrait which can help to build up self confidence and increase understanding.

 Amongst other things, each record includes a personal statement, CV Career Action Plan and Work Experience record, a full academic report, public examination results and any other certificates or qualifications gained in or out of school.


The importance of care for individual property and respect for the property of others is particularly stressed. Every pupil has a responsibility to take care of his/her own property and to see that it is clearly marked with his/her name. Although the school is proud of the very high levels of honesty amongst its pupils it is of course inadvisable to leave valuables in cloakrooms and unattended school bags.

Unless the property has been taken into the custody and control of a member of staff, the school will not take any responsibility for loss or damage.

Pupil's Achievements  

A large number of our pupils are involved in activities outside of school. It is important the school is informed of their achievements to enable us to build a full picture of their character and commitments and celebrate their successes. Such information is essential if a pupil's individual Progress File and reference are to be comprehensive.

Pupil Records  

When they join the school all pupils' primary school records are transferred. Each pupil has a file, held by the Head of Year, in which records of individual academic achievement, other skills and abilities and progress reports, personal information and disciplinary incidents are kept.

As a matter of policy pupil files are transferred to other schools or institutions when a pupil transfers. Pupil files are retained by the school under confidential cover under the Data Protection Act.


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