The Healthy School ethos is taught through the curriculum and PSME lessons, and all members of the school community are encouraged to actively take part in making the school a healthier place to work and learn in. The school achieved Healthy Schools' status in January 2006 and is now working towards enhancement.

Will’s Diner is open to pupils before school, during morning break and lunchtime. Lunches are on a self-service basis and paid for daily via cashless catering. There are a number of outlets providing a wide choice of hot and cold meals and snacks. Provision is also made for pupils to eat their own packed lunches and they may purchase sandwiches if they wish.

Medical Needs  

The school wishes to support pupils with medical needs in order to allow them to make the most of the opportunities given at school. In order to do this effectively, parental help is of paramount importance. Parents may wish to discuss their child’s health with Mrs Blakey on reception.

Arrangements for pupils with short term medical needs.

  1. Parents are reminded that they should not send their children to school if they are unwell.
  2. Only trained First Aiders will give pupils non-prescription painkillers, e.g. paracetamol.
  3. When pupils become ill during the school day, a first aider will assess their condition and, if necessary, telephone a parent to request they collect their child.
  4. Where pupils need to take medication for a short period, e.g. antibiotics, then the pupil must take their medication to the office to be stored and recorded in the Medical Book. However, parents are asked to ensure that this is kept to a minimum by timing doses for out of school hours wherever possible.
  5. Parents need to complete a MED2 form enabling the First Aider to administer these.

Arrangements for pupils with long term medical needs.

  1. Parents are requested to supply the school with as much information as possible prior to the child’s entry to the school. Please make an arrangement to talk to Mrs Blakey.
  2. Wherever possible, pupils requiring medication for example, diabetics/Epipen/Anapen will be allowed to carry it themselves and will be allowed to self-administer. Pupils with asthma are asked to carry their own inhalers and parents are requested to check and replace them regularly.
  3. When parents wish the school to administer the medication, parents should request a meeting with Mrs Blakey, where arrangements will be discussed and medical forms completed.

Mobile Telephones (pupils)  

Pupils are not permitted to bring mobile phones into school.

If pupils are found in possession of mobile phones, they will be confiscated and parents will be required to collect them. For a first offence pupils will be removed from lessons. For a second offence, which is considered an act of defiance pupils will receive a one day fixed term exclusion.

Mobile phones are sometimes permitted when pupils are going on a school trip. Pupils will be given clear instructions. If there are exceptional circumstances and students require a mobile contact please liaise with the Head of Year.


Pupils are advised only to bring to school sufficient money for their daily needs.

If a payment for a trip etc has to be made the money should be paid in to the School Shop before 9.20am.

If for some reason a large amount of money is needed e.g. to buy something after school, then it should be taken to the school office where it will be kept in the school safe. Pupils are strongly advised not to leave money unattended e.g. in bags and coat pockets. The instances of theft in school are relatively few, however, it is good practice to think carefully about the money that you carry.

During PE lessons purses/wallets should be placed in the valuables tray and these will be held securely.

Motor Cycles and Cars  

Provision for parking of motorcycles and cars are primarily for staff and visitors. There are limited opportunities for students to park vehicles at the school and permission will only be given where a letter of support from parents is provided together with evidence of a current licence, and insurance. Applications must be made to the Headteacher to bring vehicles onto site. Students must use the rear car-park.

Vehicles brought on to the school premises are at the risk of the owner and the school cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage.

Moving to Another School  

Parents should inform the school at the earliest possible time if they are moving out of the area and that their children will be attending another school. Parents who require information on schools in other areas are welcome to contact the Headteacher for help.

Music Tuition by Specialist Teacher  

Many pupils receive tuition at school from specialist teachers in Brass and percussion, keyboards, strings, voice, and woodwind during the school day and are regularly entered for the Associated Board and Trinity College exams.

A limited number of extra places are available each year and should you require details, please contact the school office, who will provide you with details. We are particularly keen that pupils continue with tuition they have received in primary schools.

A charge is payable for music tuition; details of which may be obtained from the school office.

It is expected that all pupils who have peripatetic lessons fully support musical activities such as orchestra/wind band by attending all rehearsals and making a full contribution in concerts etc.

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