Parents should notify the school if a member of their family has contracted a contagious disease. Before sending their children back to school, they should contact the school to discuss the appropriate course of action.

Parents should not send their children to school if they suspect they are unwell.

See Duty of Care


Parents are advised that individual insurance for pupils is not provided. The school can provide information on suitable insurance if parents require. They should contact the Clerk to the Governing Body. School trips both in the UK and abroad are covered under the Risk Protection Arrangement administered by the DfE (see below).

The school does hold Public liability, employers liability and buildings insurances.

We operate under the Risk Protection Arrangement (RPA) administered by the DfE, eligible claims can be sent using portal ID D00073.  The compensator should be marked as "Department for Education - RPA only".

Internet and school computer network  

All pupils have the opportunity to use the Network and Internet to help them with their studies. Pupils are also given an individual e-mail address of the format username@williamfarr.lincs.sch.uk

The School electronically audits all ICT activity so that students are safe from inappropriate sites, from cyber bullying and other such unacceptable behaviour. The school accepts that on occasions the internet blocking software may not block all inappropriate sites and requests that students bring any inappropriate sites or activity to an IT Technician's attention.

The school has a code of conduct of use of the network and internet, signing the home school agreement also includes signing up to the code of conduct. The code of conduct is published on the school website in the information section.


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