ealth and Safety

The detailed Health and Safety policy is available for parents to consult at the school on the receipt of a request to the Headteacher. All staff are issued with copies of this policy which is regularly reviewed and updated.

Hire of Premises

The school premises and facilities are available for hire by organised groups and the general public. Further information is available from the school office (01673 866900) between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am to 4.00pm on Fridays.


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The school cannot authorise holidays during school time. Holidays will be classed as unauthorised absence. Pupils learning can be severely disrupted when they miss school. Teachers do not set work for pupils who miss school because of holidays. Pupils are expected to catch up on their learning when they return. Please refer to the section on examinations.


Key Stage 3

Homework is set to pupils in all forms and is an essential part of the process of learning. All pupils are required to do homework. In Year 7 pupils will have 1 -2 subjects per night each of approximately 20 – 30 minutes duration. English, Maths, Religious Education, French, Design and Technology, Geography and Science will set homework once a week, the other subjects will be set on a fortnightly basis and Music and Drama will be project based over each term.

In Years 8 & 9 homework will increase to 2 – 3 subjects per night, each of at least 30 minutes. All homework set is to be attempted and parents are asked to co-operate by ensuring that sufficient time is devoted to homework and that if possible, a quiet room is made available. In addition to homework tasks, pupils can expect to be asked to do additional appropriate tasks to help reinforce their learning or help prepare for future lessons (e.g. vocabulary learning in Modern Foreign Languages). Pupils have no reason to tell parents that they do not have any homework.

If a pupil fails to hand in the homework on the day in which it is expected the subject teacher will allocate a detention for 20 minutes.
It is the parent’s responsibility to sign the diary at the end of each week and monitor any issues with the pupil not producing homework.

Key Stage 4 & 5

In Years 10 and 11 students can expect to spend approximately 1 hour per subject per week on homework.

In Years 12 and 13 students are expected to do a considerable amount of private study. For both GCSE and A level, homework may be work set by teachers and sometimes it will be consolidation or extension work generated by the students themselves.

House System

The house system plays an important part in the life of the school and a wide range of sporting and cultural competitions are organised throughout the year. These activities support the personal and social development of pupils of all abilities. It gives them opportunities to take on responsibilities, work as a team, and to identify with, and be committed to, a house.

The names of the six houses have a Lincoln theme: Fosse, Lindum, Brayford, Witham, Stonebow, Ermine.

Pupils elect house captains in each year and house assemblies are held at regular intervals throughout the year.


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