Electronic Equipment  

For mobile phones see the Mobile Telephones section.

Pupils are not allowed to bring electronic equipment without permission into school. There is no need for these items during the school day and they create an unnecessary security issue. (If pupils arrive in school with them accidentally they should be handed into the school office for safekeeping).

If students wish to bring a laptop or notebook computer to school then they should complete the form on the school website and apply to bring the device in with their Head of Year.

Emergency Information Form  

Parents of new students to the school are asked to complete or update an emergency information form. This should be returned as soon as possible.

Parents must inform the school of any change of circumstance so that the information can be kept up to date. The information from this form enables the school to contact the appropriate person as quickly as possible in the event of any emergency.

Emergency Plan  

The school has a comprehensive emergency plan that is distributed to all the emergency services. Evacuation procedures are practised during school time once every term.

Employment of Children  

The school is anxious that any form of employment undertaken by pupils should in no way affect their education and their ability to do homework efficiently. Parents are asked to consider the consequences very carefully before they allow their children to take part in any form of paid work at any time, and in particular in Years 11, 12 and 13 when pupils are preparing for the GCSE and A Level examinations. Details of, and advice on, the regulations governing the employment of children and regarding pupils taking part in performances during school time are available from the Headteacher. Information about Child Employment is part of the Year 9 PSME programme.

Equal Opportunities  

William Farr School strives to be an equal opportunities institution and an equal opportunities employer. Equal opportunities is described as providing the same opportunities for individuals regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion, transsexuality, carers, pregnancy, marital status or age. William Farr School is committed to providing the same opportunities for all.

The Equalities Statement can be found here.

Examinations and Tests

The school believes that formal examinations and the discipline of preparing for them have an important role to play in the assessment of ability and the development of positive attitudes to academic work.

In Year 11 GCSE Entries are made in early February. Final examinations take place from May through June.

Whilst every effort will be made to telephone pupils who fail to turn up for an external examination, the school cannot be held responsible if that contact is not made. We have a large number of students taking examinations at one time and during the busy time prior to starting the examination it is possible to overlook absence. Students are issued with Examination timetables well before the examinations start and it is their responsibility to check the details.

If students fail to attend an examination without a satisfactory reason they will be charged for the exam entry.

Examination Results  

GCSE results are normally published on the last Thursday of August, GCE levels are published one week prior to this.


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