Daily Report  

Pupils whose behaviour or work is unsatisfactory may be placed on a Daily Report to monitor their progress and help in their organisation of an acceptable routine.


As part of the school's normal disciplinary procedure pupils may be kept in detention when their behaviour or work is considered unsatisfactory by a member of staff. Parents are advised of after school detentions in advance. Detentions are supervised by a member of staff.

Facilities for Disabled Students and Staff  

The school is fully committed to the principles and practise of equal opportunity through equality of access and it continues with an intensive programme to continually improve access for people with physical disabilities or sensory impairments. All new buildings comply with government regulations for accessibility whilst the older parts of the school have been adapted to enable access.

Wheelchair accessible toilets are available throughout the school.

Evacuation equipment is installed on the first floor level of every staircase. A fully equipped disability suite with shower, toilet and hoist is available for pupils with medical needs.

The site has been adapted for the safety of students with visual imparements, following guidance.

Drop-In Clinics  

Drop-in sessions are available on a regular basis for health, careers and occasionally with the community police.


Pupils are taught about Drugs in PSME, throughout all the Key Stages. The school takes drugs very seriously. If a child is found in possession of or in any way influenced by illegal drugs the school will act in accordance with the Drugs Policy.

Parents need to be aware that the school has sporadic visits from dogs trained to find illegal substances. Should parents have any concerns about this please contact the school.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme has operated in school for a long time and many pupils have gained their bronze, silver and gold awards. The scheme involves pupils in community work, expeditions and a variety of leisure activities. It is organised by members of staff with support of the regional Duke of Edinburgh organisers. The scheme is for pupils of 14 years and over and the school would ask parents to encourage their children to participate in what is a very worthwhile activity.

Duty of Care (Higher Duty of Care)/Child Protection  

When children are in school, staff are required to show a higher ‘duty of care’. Essentially this means that as trained professionals they are expected to care for pupils using that training. If it is impossible to contact parents, school staff sometimes will have to make decisions about the immediate welfare of pupils. The Headteacher has the ultimate Duty of Care, however, this may be delegates this to other Senior Staff as appropriate.

If the school has a concern about the welfare of a child they will contact Children Services for advice.


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