Care and Guidance of Pupils  

Every effort is made to ensure that all pupils are known, valued and cared for as individuals. During the year prior to new pupils beginning their education at William Farr, much work is done in helping them prepare for the transition, including induction visits to the school. In Year 7 the care, guidance and behaviour management of children is undertaken by their Form Tutor supported by the Head of Year. This enables the tutor to get to know pupils quickly, and helps considerably in providing a smooth and positive transition from primary to secondary school.

As the children progress through the school, the Care and Guidance of pupils continues mainly through the Form Tutor and Head of Year. They play a vital role in helping each child through all stages of their time at William Farr, to make appropriate choices concerning their future. Pupils will normally remain with the same Form Tutor and Head of Year from Year 7 to Year 13.

Through care and guidance the children are all encouraged to make the most of the opportunities offered to them. Overall responsibility for pupil care and guidance lies with a designated Deputy Headteacher (Care and Guidance) who have access to outside agencies to obtain specialist advice when this is necessary. We place great value on the home/school relationship and parents should not hesitate to contact the school with any matters of concern about their children's welfare.


Careers Education and Guidance and Economic Awareness are integral parts of the preparation of pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experience of adult life. Its central concern is preparing pupils for choices, changes and transitions affecting their future education, training, work and life as adult members of society. Careers are taught as part of the school’s PSME programme.  The member of Senior Staff leading the Careers program is Mrs Helen Bates; please ring the school (01673 866900) or email wfarr@williamfarr.lincs.sch.uk  with any queries you may have in this area and they will be passed onto her.  The Careers Access Policy may be found in the Policy section of the Governing Body area of this website.

This work in school is supported by the Careers Services. The LA collects data from school about individual pupils to allow them to offer appropriate advice. Similarly the Education and Business Partnership need information about pupils to be able to help us organise work experience. If you have objections to this please inform the Head of Year in writing.


There are a variety of services and activities offered by the chaplaincy.

  • There is a weekly Eucharist held in the Chapel.
  • Chill Space, meets weekly during a lunchtime for students who just want somewhere to chat, relax and play games.
  • Christian Union meet weekly and provide an opportunity to explore faith through discussion and worship.
  • In addition, the chaplain Mrs Bloom is available during the school day to anyone who wants to see her about anything from exam stress to bereavement.

    The Chapel  

    The Lawres Chapel is a room set aside for quiet and reflection and is open every day. It is open to those of all faiths and no faith during the school day. It is situated in the Wolfson block underneath the clock.

    Charging Policy 


    The school encourages the development of responsible attitudes amongst pupils towards others.
    Every year a considerable sum of money for local, national and international charities is raised by a variety of means.


    Citizenship is taught as part of the school’s PSME programme and discretely in the other subjects. Citizenship is a National Curriculum subject, which enables pupils to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them to become informed, active and responsible members of society. Pupils are assessed in Key Stage 3.

    Collective Worship  

    Its distinctive characteristic is that it is an exploration of beliefs. Educational worship is an occasion for gaining insight into, and reflecting on religious belief. The school adopts this approach in relation to school worship which is organised.

    The school day begins with a collective act of worship and/or “Thoughts for the Day”, as appropriate. “Thoughts for the Day” are held in tutor groups and house meetings. Parents may, however, withdraw children from collective worship provided such a request is received in writing.

    Colours (For Physical Education)  

    The school believes that pupils who give outstanding service should have their achievements recognised. Full colours are normally only awarded to older pupils and younger pupils awarded half colours. In exceptional circumstances, for outstanding achievement, younger pupils may be awarded their full school colours.

    Communication with Parents  

    The school routinely communicates information to parents either electronically or letter sent home with pupils. We make every effort to inform parents of their child’s positive achievement as well as issues of concern. The school website is regularly updated with the school newsletter ‘Farrago’ which is sent home.

    Generic letters to the whole school or individual Year Groups are all available on the website in the relevant sections. Please follow this link.

    Complaints Procedure  

    Parents are required to seek resolution of any complaint with the Headteacher. In the event that this cannot be achieved, then the matter should be referred to the Clerk to the Governing Body, who will provide details of the procedure.

    Cycles and Cycling to School  

    Pupils may cycle to school. It is the duty of each pupil to ride with care and consideration for other road users and ensure that bicycles are properly maintained. Bicycles must not be ridden within the school grounds. They must be stored in the cycle sheds and should be kept locked. Also, lamps, pumps etc should not be left on them.

    The school can take no responsibility for cycles brought onto the school premises.

    Please Note: Parents are advised to provide their children with a cycle helmet and to insist this is worn correctly.


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