Academy Status  

On 1 January 2011 William Farr became an Academy ceasing to be maintained by the LA and receiving all its funding directly from central government. The Governing Body and Academy Trust are directly responsible to the Secretary of State for Education as an autonomous public limited company registered at “Companies House” and a Charity registered with the “Charity Commission”.

This status means that the school has direct control over all finances and greater freedom to determine its own future for the benefit of all members of the community which it serves.

Addresses and Telephone Numbers  

Please inform the school if you change your address, telephone number or family circumstances, so that records may be kept up to date.

The information that we hold about students is available to the parents or guardians of a student through the Progresso system.


The school continues to develop increasingly comprehensive archives of its history. Situated in the library and administered by the librarian, this includes photographs, newspaper reports, maps and correspondence (including letters written by William Farr). We welcome new material from past and present parents and pupils to help expand our records

Attendance and Absence Notes  

Whenever a child is absent, parents should inform the school by a telephone call, and then a letter to the form tutor on return to school.

Pupils are not allowed to leave the school premises during the school lunch break unless they have specific permission from their parents. In both cases parents are asked to confirm this in writing for the school records (a form is available from the office, and should be returned to the Head of Year).


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