Pupil Premium Report 2016 to 2017

William Farr Church of England School is committed to providing effective resources and ensuring vital support is in place for Pupil Premium students to improve their academic outcomes. Every student is encouraged and expected to fulfil their potential.
Our approach is to ring fence Pupil Premium funding from the main budget and to offer and implement a range of strategies dependent on need.

Year 11 Exam Results 2016

5A*- C (including English and Maths)

William Farr School’s trend line over five years has been down, indicating a reduction in the attainment gap between our Free School Meals Students and the rest of the year group.
*This is the last year that 5A*-C including English and Maths will be published on the website and is just used as a comparison to previous years. From now on, all comparisons will be using the new key performance measures, focusing on ‘Progress 8’ and its variation from the ‘National Other’ (ie Pupils Nationally who do not receive Pupil Premium.)

New Accountability Measures showing the Difference between William Farr Disadvantaged Premium Students and the ‘National Other Data’

'Disadvantaged pupils' are those who attract pupil premium funding, meaning pupils claiming free school meals at any point in the last six years and pupils in care, or who left care through adoption or another formal route. Evidence shows that the progress and achievement of disadvantaged pupils is normally lower than that of 'other' pupils.

School disadvantaged pupils
England state-funded schools ‘other pupils’
Number of pupils
Progress 8 score and confidence interval
(0.13 to 0.41)
(-0.79 to 0.09)
(0.10 to 0.11)
Attainment 8 score
Grade C or better in English & maths GCSEs (%)
Exam entries per pupil, GCSEs
Absence (% of sessions missed due to overall Absence)
(7.2 FSM)
Absence (Persistent absence for 10% or more)
(21.6 FSM)
Exclusions (% Fixed term in 2015)
(18.8 FSM)
Permanent Exclusions (%)
(0.39 FSM)

Academic Year 2016-2017

Data is often ‘skewed’, when compared to the National Data set due to the small numbers in the groups at William Farr.


Expected funding: £165,485
Initiatives for this academic year:

Grant used to fund
Cost Description
Core Subject Intervention Co-ordinators
3 Co-ordinators: English, Maths and Science. To work specifically with Pupil Premium students, differentiating work, preparing materials and supporting students.
Year 11 Core Subject support
After school tuition, revision classes, visits from outside speakers, outside of school experiences.
KS4/5 Learning Mentors
Training provided for students.
KS4 Revision Guides: Maths and English
As stated.
Care and Guidance provision
Heads of Year to deploy as necessary.
Departmental Provision
Heads of Department to allocate for resources as necessary.
Homework Club
[Runs lunchtimes and after school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 4-5pm.]
Supervised by sixth form students
Support with extracurricular provision and visits to ensure high levels of participation. Up to £60 per student, including the cost to register for Duke of Edinburgh.
£40 per student. To be exchanged in the school shop.
Stationery/specified equipment
Voucher to be exchanged in the school shop.
Music lessons/Instrument Hire for KS3 students
Please contact the school.
Staff Training
An INSET seminar focused on improving awareness of Attachment Disorders.
Further development of Intervention strategies for PP students
Identify trigger points and Intervention strategies across school Teams.
Maths/English Tutors - External
1-2-1 external Tutor deployed as necessary with individuals or small groups of students.
Support with Handwriting and Presentation
External tutor employed to work with students for 6 weeks
Developing support for higher attaining Pupil Premium students
Motivational Speaker
To work with Year 9, 10 and 11. Higher attaining Pupil Premium students in Years 7 and 8 included.
Art Therapy
To work 1-1 with identified students.
Drama Therapy
To work 1-1 with identified students.
Service Student Support
Support from Core Subject Intervention Co-ordinators, Access to SKYPE, Student Welfare support if required, Social lunches, Service Ambassadors


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