Year Group Letters

Every effort is made to ensure that all pupils are known, valued and cared for as individuals. During the year prior to new pupils beginning their education at William Farr, much work is done in helping them prepare for the transition, including three induction visits to the school. In Year 7 the care, guidance and behaviour management of children is undertaken by their Form Tutor supported by the Head of Year. It is school policy that Year 7 groups are taught by their form tutor for some of the time. This enables the tutor to get to know pupils quickly, and helps considerably in providing a smooth and positive transition from primary to secondary school.

As the children progress through the school, the care and guidance of pupils continues mainly through the Form Tutor and Head of Year. They play a vital role in helping each child through all stages of their time at William Farr, to make appropriate choices concerning their future. Pupils will normally remain with the same Form Tutor and Head of Year from Year 7 to Year 11.


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