House System

The House system at William Farr has six houses. Every pupil belongs to a house as do most members of staff. Houses compete in a variety of sporting and cultural competitions throughout the year and also gain points through the academic and social 'merit' systems.

Within the houses each year group elects male and female captains and vice captains who organise team for events and monitor the participation of members of their house. The programme of events is discussed and determined by the Heads of House who try to ensure balance and variety within the competition.

HouseColourHead of House
BrayfordYellowMiss Hart
ErminePurpleMrs Parry
FosseRedMr Willett
LindumGreenMrs Pitts
StonebowOrangeMr Carpenter
WithamBlueMiss Bates

Inevitably sporting competition is a major element within the programme and the Heads of House rely heavily on the PE Department to run these competitions. In addition there are contest run in arts & crafts, poetry, quizzes and even conkers. Each year there is a major event. In the academic year there will be the House Gym Contest. Each house has a time slot to perform a show combining elements agreed beforehand by the Heads of House - rehearsal take place for months leading up to the day of the big event.

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