Care and Guidance

The Nature of Care and Guidance

Care is the process of ensuring that pupils are safe and provided with a happy and secure learning environment.

Guidance is the process of supporting pupils so that they are able to get the most out of all the educational opportunities which the school provides.


Pupils are entitled to be made welcome and to be known and valued as individuals and will receive:

a) the support of a personal tutor including regular mentoring;

b) an individual tutorial with the personal tutor on an annual basis;

c) a carefully structured PSME, Citizenship and Guidance programme;

d) Special Educational Needs support where appropriate;

e) individual help and advice on how to cope with problems such as bullying;

f) advice and support in developing a Progress File (Years 10 & 11) and Achievement File (Year 9)

g) opportunities for moral and spiritual development;

h) opportunities to participate in social and recreational activities;

i) recognition and reward for effort and achievement;

j) equality of opportunity;

k) opportunities to develop good study habits and skills;

l) opportunities to develop personal and social skills;

m) access to objective and impartial careers guidance;

n) tutorial support from guidance and subject staff;

o) information on a full range of education and career opportunities post 16 and post 18;

p) a safe school environment in which to work.


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