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Senior Leadership Team

Mr A Stones [Headteacher]

  1. Mr S Pickett

  2. Mrs H Bates

  3. Mr J Knowler

  1. Mr S Ellis

  2. Mrs J Grant

  3. Mr D White

  1. Mr T Hughes

  2. Mr N Hamilton

  3. Mrs J Hazzledine

  4. Mr N Muir

Roles and Responsibilities

Mr A Stones [Headteacher]

Strategic Planning, Vision, Self-evaluation, Governance, Corporate Image, Critical Incident/Disaster Planning, Funding, Boundary Management (inc. Public Relations and Accessibility), Policy checking, HR, Pay and Conditions inc. Threshold progression, Chaplaincy (inc. Collective Worship), Teaching Staff welfare (inc. Staff Absence Management).

Mr S Pickett [Deputy Headteacher (Teaching and Learning)]

Curriculum Management, Curriculum Development, QA for T&L, IT Infrastructure, New Technologies (inc. VLE and Website), MIS, Census, Freedom of Information, Examinations, Data Protection, Assessment and Reporting (Reports), Teacher Performance (Quality of Teaching and Learning), Development Management.

Mr J Knowler [Deputy Headteacher (Care, Guidance and Staffing)]

Teaching Staff Recruitment, Attendance, Behaviour Management, QA (for C&G), Uniform, Parents' Evenings, Exclusions, Safeguarding.

Mrs H Bates [Assistant Headteacher]

Lead and develop the PSME programme, KS4 Careers, Child Protection, Team around the Child, Every Child Matters, School Council, ACE Days, Assistant Heads of Year, Information Evenings, Looked After Children, KS4 Progress File, Young Carers, Student Welfare Officers, Medical Policy.

Mr S Ellis [Assistant Headteacher]

Timetable (Whole School), Teaching Staff Recruitment, KS3 to 4 Options Process, Director of 16-19 - to include VI Form Options and applications, Transition to VI Form, including Induction, VI Form Open Evening, UCAS, Higher Education Co-ordination, Post-16 non UCAS students, VI Form applications.

Mrs J Grant [Assistant Headteacher]

SMSC, Intervention (including Mentoring), Pupil Premium (Service, FSM, LAC, PLAC, Catch-up), SEND, Primary Liaison (inc. Open Evening lead), RWCM (Literacy and Numeracy).

Mr D White [Assistant Headteacher]

Data (inc. collation, analysis and presentation of all groups), Target Setting, G&T, Support with QA for T&L, Teaching Staff Development, CPD course design/INSET.

Mr T Hughes [School Business and Finance Manager]

Budget, Finance, Premises, Health and Safety, Head of Support Staff (inc. CPD, review, contracts, welfare, etc.), Pension arrangements, Travel Plan, Transport.

Mr N Hamilton [Associate Senior Leader]

NQT, ITT, Co-Coaching, Teaching School, Teaching Staff Induction.

Mrs J Hazzledine [Associate Senior Leader]

Educational Visits (inc. in-school events), Cover, Calendar.

Mr N Muir [Associate Senior Leader]

The House System, Oversight of extra-curricular provision, Homework Clubs, Alternative Pathways Post 16, British Values and Citizenship,  Reunion Evenings.


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