School Badge

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An adaptation of the crown used by the RAF and appearing in Squadron badges. It also represents the Royal visits the school has had in the past 60 years.


Represents Church of England School, adapted from the original used in previously designed badges, and recreated to represent the Cross found in the Welton Village Church.


Taken from the Lincolnshire and Lincoln Crest.


Echoes back to part of the Bomber Commands logo. The logo represented Bomber Command and the Squadrons that were based at RAF Dunholme Lodge during World War II, from which The Reverend William Farr purchased the land to build what we know now as William Farr School.


Ribbon features the long standing 'Striving for Excellence' Motto.

Stripes/Bands (Bends)

Mirrors the stripes in the previous school badge. The bend signifies defence or protection.


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