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William Farr Comprehensive School is a Church of England school for 11 - 18 year olds, located in the village of Welton, near Lincoln. It was opened in 1952 on the site of the RAF Dunholme Lodge, a WW2 bomber station, which had been bought in 1946 by William Farr, the vicar of Welton. The school was named after him when he died in 1955.

We have grown and evolved over the years, and below is a summary of our achievements and changing environment.

In 2001, William Farr achieved the distinction of having the best comprehensive school A-level results in England.

In 2006, William Farr received an outstanding award in every category in an OFSTED inspection, the best in the country. In 2007, the school changed its Specialist Schools and Academies Trust status to a Science College and added the additional distinctions of being a Leading Edge school and A Raising Achievement and Transforming Learning school. In 2009, William Farr again received an outstanding award in every category of the Ofsted Inspection.

On 1 January 2011, William Farr became an Academy ceasing to be maintained by the LA and receiving all its funding directly from central government. The Governing Body and Academy Trust are directly responsible to the Secretary of State for Education as an autonomous public limited company registered at “Companies House” and a Charity registered with the “Charity Commission”.

The school is well resourced, the environment respected and well cared for.

The History and Geography ‘Banks Building ’was opened by Her Majesty the Queen in October 1996.

In 2000, the school embarked on an ambitious £7m expansion programme to allow numbers to grow to 1500 (300 in the Sixth Form). This programme had included, in 2000 the ‘Wolfson Building’, a £750,000 ‘centre of excellence’ for Science, Mathematics and Business Studies with two further laboratories built.

In 2004, additional facilities for Mathematics were opened by Prince Edward, 2005 new accommodation for RE, an extension of the tennis courts, car park and new gymnasium.

In 2006, our £1.7m building for Performing Arts and refurbishment and extension of the Art Department and catering facilities was opened.

In 2007, an addition to Wolfson provided a new ICT suite, high quality accommodation for Learning Support Education, a quiet room/chapel “The Lawres Chapel” and further Design and Technology facilities.

The final phase to link Art with Design and Technology and provide a completely re-modelled foyer was completed May 2008.

In 2012, the newly refurbished Physical Education facilities were opened by Baroness Sue Campbell.

This was shortly followed by an extension to the English and Science accommodation in 2015 with the building of a new Science laboratory and two classrooms.

In 2017, we added to our growing accommodation again, with a suite of student support rooms, and a further two new classrooms, thus also allowing the creation of a set of four dedicated ICT and Computing Rooms.  This new build was opened by our well respected and now retired Headmaster, Mr Paul Strong.

The overwhelming advantages of comprehensive education at William Farr must be the provision of curriculum continuity with consistency and proven quality. Continuity, through an advanced programme of primary liaison and pupil induction, is an essential part of our programme of Care and Guidance and our development of personal, social and moral education. This means that no pupil comes to us labelled as a failure and all can be consistently known and valued as individuals.

William Farr is a vibrant community with a great sense of achievement, pride and purpose which recognises the demands placed upon it by its excellent and continually growing national reputation for a broad and balanced curriculum far beyond that demanded by the National Programs of Study.

The Revd William Farr would be very pleased with the results of his original vision and investment.


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